Data Analysis for Scientists using R

28 May 09:00 - 4 June 17:00 2012

@ Reykjavik, Iceland

Graduate level summer course at the University of Iceland This course will take students through the whole process of collecting, analysing and publishing data using a modern computer system. Emphasis will be placed on seeing the computer as a tool that improves the integrity of data, making it easier to replicate studies and guarantee correctness; and on working in a manner that makes it easy to transfer numerical methods and results into academic publications. We will begin by discussing how data should be collected to make it suitable for analysis, how files on the computer should be organised, methods to deal with the large number of different data sources dealt with by most scientists, and ensuring that data integrity is retained and that an audit trail is recorded. We will then learn how to analyse data using R. After installing the (free) software on their own computers, students will learn to write short scripts to do their analysis. This will ensure that their methods can be repeated with alternative data, and that an accurate record of statistical methods and data sources is available when writing scientific papers. Finally, the process of using R to produce professional quality figures will be explained. The course will end with three days for the students to analyse their own data, producing results and figures aimed at a particular journal. By the end of this course, students should be able to: i) Store many data files on a computer in an organised manner; ii) Keep track of the source of data, changes to data and methods recorded in laboratory notebooks; iii) Understand the differences between types of data files; iv) Install R on a personal computer; v) Load data from different sources into R, and perform statistical analyses; vi) Implement data analyses using R script files; vii) Write up data analyses and results for a journal, based on R script files; viii) Produce figures to publication standard using R. University of Iceland - Graduate level courses in Marine and Fisheries Sciences 2012: Fisheries Ecology: Management and Conservation of Marine Resources in a Changing Ocean (June 6 – 18) Studying Marine mammals in the Wild (June 23 – July 2)

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Reykjavik, Iceland
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